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The rain has moved in today

February 24, 2009

I am still recovering from running in the Tom Rogers 5k invitational. I was working on my form about 4 days before the event and I strained some ligaments in my right ankle. I was using some Dmso and some Arnica rub on it and the swelling went down and the pain deminished a ton. I knew that it would be pushing it by running 4 days later. I went for a 26 mile bike ride before the race to see how the ankle was feeling and I felt strong and had a great ride. The run was about 3 hours away so I had some P90X recovery drinks and some water. I warmed up for the run and I felt okay and I was going to give it my best. I knew I would be pushing myself faster than I should go and I was right. The first thing that suffers is the form when pushing too fast. I have been working on finding that perfect form and I am constantly making little changes. My feet held up pretty well only getting one small blister on the outside of my right foot. This was probably due to the weak ankle thus landing on the outside of my foot. I landed well in the beginning of the race but, the last mile my calf muscles tired and my heals started to take more impact. The end result was sore heels and my ankle swelled a bit. Before I started this race I knew I would pay for it and I am now. The race was Saturday and here it is Tuesday and I will be doing a light run  to try to loosen up a bit. I have a half marathon in about a month and I hope to be ready to go but, I will have my Vibram Five Fingers as a fall back if I am not ready to go the distance barefoot.

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