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This is about barefoot running in the Seattle area

February 24, 2009

I started running barefoot after reading Chi Running by Danny Dryer. I was looking for a way to run pain free and lessen chances of injury. I also would like to run until I leave this earth so this is my best solution for a very long term goal. Chi Running does not talk about barefoot running and is mainly focused on the way we run. While I was reading and starting to practice the art of running I came across the theory of running barefoot. It really made sense to me and I have started down the path of learning to run correctly for the first time in my life. This has been no  easy task for me because I lack patience for the slow progression. My journey thus far has been littered with setbacks or learning experiences as I like to call them. I have had some times when I would like to give up and put the shoes back on. My blog will be a candid place where I will share the good and the bad of my journey on the road of barefoot running.

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