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Training today… running with the pain.

February 24, 2009

Today was the first day back after the Tom Rogers Invitational. Both of my calf muscles were quite sore and my ankle was tender. I went out with the idea of stretching things out a bit and maybe getting rid of the lactic acid build up. It was raining and about 45 degrees and I was using my Five Fingers to protect my feet a bit and give me just a little protection on my heels that are tender.

First off my attitude toward barefoot running has been a challenge lately dealing with some of the pain. Today was no exception when I started out, but, I do know I always usually feel better after a run so what the hell. The thing about all the pain is that it was a good teacher today. I had to run in a way not to aggravate things more than have. I was doing a lot of running and stoping and starting again. I ran one stretch quite a few times and the path crossed under I-90 and there were two dry  patches that I could see footprints. When I stopped to look at them I could see that my feet were pointed out slightly.  I turned my feet in and it felt like I was trying to run pigeon toed , but, my next foot prints were straight. It really helped with my foot lift off and I fell into a groove where I could feel gravity pulling me along and my foot strike was quite comfortable. Sometimes you just have to keep on trying even when you really don’t want too. I ran for about one hour and thought I should call it quits before I over do it. I finished the the workout with P90X chest and back and then tried barefoot on the treadmill and that just sucked. No more treadmill it is just different.

My pain is still pretty bad after running so I will be using the R.I.C.E. to take care of that along with some dmso and arnica. I just keep thinking that everyday is progress no matter how bad it seems. Days like today give me hope and the enthusiasim to carry on this journey. Many things are changing without me noticing so much. The way I walk is different for sure and my posture seems better just to name a couple. We will see what tomorrow holds I hope for another run we will see what the body thinks.

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