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Snow run in Seattle

February 26, 2009

We had a couple of inches of snow down here this morning and I decided not to head to the mountains and save it for Friday. I wanted to run anyway and the temp was just above freezing. Medea my faithful running hound and I headed for Greenlake for some fun. I had some pain when I crawled out of bed this morning in the calf area after yesterday so, I planned on taking it real easy. Another problem with running barefoot when it is as cold as it is today, damage to the feet, I have done this before a couple of times. I started walking a bit with the usual silly looks a guy would get with no shoes on a day like today. After about a quarter mile or so I began to run and felt pretty darn good. I ran a couple of miles and walked some more. You really have to pay close attention to your feet in the cold and wet. The water softens the skin just a bit making it a bit more susceptible to damage. I am really trying to listen to my feet and body and when any pain starts I am looking for form issues. I have come to another conclusion today and that is I am always trying to go to fast. As soon as the speed picks up the comfort level goes down. I am going to really try to stay very slow and build very slow. Hopefully as my form gets better the speed will pick

The damage report is good. My feet felt great and no new blisters just some skin sloughing off the old injuries. After the feet began to warm up the sensitivity came up and I was tender for a bit. Now at 830pm the sensitivity is not that bad and I imagine I will run tomorrow keeping thing very slow. I have the Mercer Island half coming and that will be my last race of that distance for the year I think. I am going to focus on getting better with no schedule to worry about. What come will come and nothing more. I will play around with the 5k races if they look fun and keep it at that unless progress allows some more distance.

I finished off the workout with the P90X shoulders and arms workout with the ab ripper X. Great workout and practiced running in place trying to feel the right form. I think I am  getting closer all the time. Today is a good day because I don’t feel like quitting this adventure after my run. I learn something new everyday. Hope to go skiing tomorrow and Saturday and have some nice runs in between.

Life is a rippin’ journey one foot at a time!

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