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Backcountry skiing and a good run at Alki Beach

February 28, 2009


Up with the sun to head out for some backcountry skiing . The stomach is flip floping from dinner last night. Started skinning up to an area called Kendall Ridge and all seemed pretty nice good weather and feeling good to start. About at 4500 feet PF Chang’s is paying me another visit and I have to say it is not a welcome event. Time to find a nice out of the way place before my ass blows off and leaves just a crater and a few shreds of clothes! Glad to say I made it by a few steps and some very comforting snowballs for my Charmin. Now that my system is returning to normal time to do some skiing off to the ridge. Conditions were pretty stable and the snow conditions good with the wind whipping past the ridge. The ride down was great and I wanted to head back up. My partner had other thoughts and he was battling food poisoning from last night. No, he did not eat with me last night he ate some food at the cafeteria at work and it was just beginning to bomb him. We had to head out and he got much worse by the time we made it out. All in all it was a great trip and when you have to head out early and the weather is still good with hours of daylight left you change gears.

I stopped by the homestead and picked up my wonderful wife and headed out to Alki Beach for a run on my sore ankle. Patti followed me on her in line skates with Medea in tow. What a beautiful day and some mild temperatures for a change. At the start of the run my ankle was quite sore and it did loosen up a bit , but, I can really tell that it is weak and my foot strike and gate suffers a bit. The run was positive and I was able to find that special place quite a bit of the time. I really felt like I had made some progress with times of moving right along. I have had some kind of blister or sore feet after most all of my runs. Today was the first time this was NOT the case!!!!! My calf muscles usually are sore as well, not today!!! I felt relaxed and I just tried to run and it worked, today.

I love the comments that you get when running around barefoot. The guys driving in their car that stopped to ask if I wanted some shoes was the runner up for the day. The best comment that I have had yet, and it really summarises this adventure,” Man, that really takes dedication.” You could have knocked me over with a feather. I just finally had a run where I did not hurt myself from going too fast or  maybe my body is coming back to it’s barefoot roots. I never had felt like that after a run and that stranger topped it off with the closing comments of the day.

It takes dedication, all that I can muster at times.

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