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Rest day out for a walk with some light running.

March 2, 2009

Weather was good today and I had planned a rest day. The ankle felt quite strong today and the short runs during my walk felt okay. I feel like I am about 60 percent on the ankle rehab and taking it slow is a little tough. I am starting to add some new elements on my off days. I have started walking on the gravel trail by my apartment.

Now for starters the trail is crushed rock and it is not too friendly. It is a hard teacher, but, it is always fair. The main thing is to stay relaxed as you walk on this surface. When I feel my muscles tense in my body the bottom of my foot pays the price. When I stay relaxed it is more of  a flowing motion with much less discomfort to the paws. This will be some great practice with some great results in teaching my body how to tread lightly and move fluidly. It does not really hurt in a pain way it is more of a intense stimulation of all the nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in my feet. One thing is for sure after leaving the gravel trail any other surface seem like butter. The gravel is quite the sensation and my feet are feeling a bit tired tonight. No new damage to the souls another bonus!

The comments for the day. I will start with the group of runners that got on the gravel trail behind me. I could hear them coming like a heard of Clydesdale’s pulling the Bud wagon. One of them looked over at me and said,”How do those rocks feel?” The first thing that came to mind was,” they feel good.” For the record rocks feel like rocks and I am not too sure if the rocks can feel or not. I would have to say if you asked  the rocks I was walking on how they felt? The answer would have been  much better than the ones that were being jumped on by the pack of Clydesdale’s that went by. The last guy that I passed was on his bike and the look on his face was priceless. “Shoes? No shoes?”  That is right sir, no shoes, no illusion, just a guy and his dog walking down the road of life barefoot feeling each step of the way.

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