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Barefoot running around Greenlake

March 3, 2009

Another great day for barefoot running in Seattle. The sun was shinning and what could be better? My ankle was feeling better this morning I could tell as I headed down the stairs for breakfast. I headed out to Greenlake for a planned 3 mile run with no pushing just to go easy. The run started well and just continued to get better. I felt relaxed and my ankle was seeming to be stronger and my form showed it. Nice steps and a gliding feeling at times. The form is coming together and it feels so nice after such a long battle with injury and sore feet. There were many times I wanted to quit and go back to shoes and today was the day that every lesson I have gone through paid off.  I really struggle to put into words the way it feels to run the way I ran today. I will have to settle for a word like fantastic coupled with perseverance and accomplishment. No blisters, no pains, and relaxed calf muscles.

Medea runs with me all the time and today she just followed allong as usual.  I think she goes along with me running just to get out of the house. I often wonder if she really has as much fun as I do. For her reward for following me around on all of my runs is her own freedom. The off leash dog park at Marymoore Park in Redmond. acres upon acres of pasture and other rowdy four legged friends to romp with. She had a great time and I had just as much fun watching her.

I used the time at the Park to walk on some gravel and other ruff stuff. A strange thing happend today and that was no comments on the bare feet. My final words for the day are don’t ever give up! Ybarefoot-running-greenlake-008barefoot-running-greenlake-0021ou can think about , but, don’t do it.

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  1. oki permalink
    April 1, 2009 10:59 pm

    Hey! I’ve gone barefoot at Greenlake too! Not running, heh. I’m just a walker. (And hiker.) I haven’t seen anyone else barefoot in Seattle. But I guess it’s not as rare as I thought. It’s really quite nice, huh? 🙂 Even though I’m not training for anything, I think I’m benefiting from it just in general.

    • barefootjay permalink*
      April 6, 2009 9:19 pm

      Yeah you get some funny looks around Greenlake. I’ve been doing some barefoot hiking too! I’ll keep an eye out for you, or your bare feet I mean!

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