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Cross training day!

March 4, 2009


Summit of Tiger Mountain with the fog passing through

Whoa what a day! My cross train days have been proving to be butt kickers. I started the morning with my P90X chest and back workout followed by Ab Ripper X for a total of an hour and fifteen minutes of great muscle pumping exercise. Came back home for a recovery drink and changed into my cycling gear for a 24 mile sprint around Lake Sammamish. I went minimally clothed and my core temp was down a bit when I got back to the garage. The ride was right around the hour mark so my pace was pretty good for this early in my season.

Time to get the core temp up so some nice hot tea and another recovery drink. Next was a quick light lunch and out the door to Tiger Mountain to climb to summit 3. The elevation gain is about 2,000 vertical feet and today was to be much different than any of the other times I cruised to the summit. The power line trail gains about a thousand feet per mile and is quite rocky and today I decided to go barefoot. I was not sure how I would do on the terrain I just knew I would do my best and go as far as my body would allow. I threw in a pair of my Five Finger Flows for my back up. It felt great learning to move through all the obstacles and I did make it all the way to the summit barefoot. The last 800 vertical feet the temperature had dipped quite low and the soles got numb. I am not a big fan of numb feet on the type of terrain I was encountering. The key was to relax more , watch my step and treat pressure as pain since the feeling in my feet was gone. When we arrived on the summit I had to wash the mud off my feet with some cold water and I brought a small towel to dry my paws the best I could. If you ever get the chance  to put on some Five Finger Flows with damp numb feet you are in for a real treat. I can’t really explain it with words, well, maybe it’s like putting your wet jeans on with a pair of boots already on your feet. Priceless, but well worth the effort for the journey down would have been a little much for this barefoot rookie. Ahhhh yes, my feet began to warm back up too. Great fun going down and my quads felt the burn until we hit the trail head.

The comments today were great and inspirational too. One lady came up behind me and said,” You’re the one! I have been following your footprints.”  She said it was impressive and I had to stop and think. Is it really that impressive? I am not sure it is,but, I can see how when we have tender feet from confinement it seems impressive. I passed another guy that looked a lot like Barefoot Ken with the nice big beard and he wanted to talk a bit. The words that came from him hit home and I will close with his wisdom today.” I bet you have to take it slow or you will have to start all over again.”  Well said my brother!

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  1. Kate permalink
    March 5, 2009 12:08 pm are such an incredible inspiration!! Loved reading all of your blogs and it makes me miss you sooo much more than I already do. You are shoes..up mountains?? So cool!! Your passion for things is amazing!! I love the “comments” from people! We’ll have Doug make you up a logo and some gear to wear on your journeys. WAY TO BRING IT!

    • barefootjay permalink*
      March 5, 2009 1:41 pm

      Having a bunch of fun! Thanks for the nice words. Much love to you and the boys.

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