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Back in to action today

March 10, 2009

barefoot-running-marymoore-003The Pins and Needles Trail

I’m not quite sure if all the outdoor activity with the freezing feet on Saturday caught up with me or my sub-conscience let in some  new random bug of death  just to slow me down for a rest. Whatever it was I was laid out flat! The only exercise I had until today was my right finger on the channel changer and getting up and heading to the water closet. Not what I would call adventurous living, but it does have it’s challenging moments physically and mentally always followed by a dose of humility.

One thing I have learned the hard way is when you are sick you should act as if you are sick. I like to ignore the bodies signals to my one track mind that I need some down time to recover from whatever it is that has me down. I just figure that I am in great shape and I will burn this crud right out of me with a few extra hard workouts and some protein shakes and vitamins. I can say this works sometimes and sometimes it makes matters much worse and what would have been a three day lay off turns into a week sometimes more. Sunday was the day this all started, Monday was defiantly the ass kicker, and today I was feeling much better.Special thanks to my personal Doc. Patti who nursed me to health. Patti is really quite incredible, she too was not feeling at all well and still made it off to med. school and took time to tend to me. Thanks honey, you are the greatest.

Since I felt much better today I thought I would treat myself to a short run  at Marymoore Park on the Pins and Needles path. I call this path the Pins and Needles because the asphalt is covered with sharp rocks and debris. This would be one of my favorite places to run if it were clear of debris , but for now it is one of my “hard” training grounds that has many colorful moments throughout the run. The good news is the surface has become more tolerable and it  taught me how to move better and to handle unpredictable terrain.  The moments that used to be F@#$, S@!#, F%&#ing rock are now quite civil with no need for censorship. Progress in action!

The run today was average and my right ankle started off feeling tight and loosened throughout the run. The problem with short runs is it takes a little bit for me to get into a groove with flowing form and just when I’m dialed in then it’s over. I told myself that there would be no overdoing it today and I held to that. The weather was about 42 degrees and the asphalt had warmed in the sun. My feet felt good and the right ankle is getting stronger and the form is getting better with the improved strength. I would rate the ankle strength at about 75% right now and the foot conditioning is better than ever with no new blisters or sensitivity increase after the run. Really a positive day for the barefoot run and I am looking forward to the quickly approaching half marathon. My only concern at this point is my lack of mileage going into the race. More will be revealed as the day approaches.

The words of the day are listen to your body. If you listen to your ego the journey will be painful, listen to your body and your journey will be fun.

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  1. Jim permalink
    March 11, 2009 2:37 pm

    Hey Jay –

    I’ve just discovered your blog via your post on the running barefoot Yahoo group and really appreciate your obvious enthusiasm. It’s inspiring to read something written by someone with such a zest for life.

    Good luck with the half marathon. I’ll be running my first barefoot half as well on the same day (in Pasadena, CA), so be sure and let us know how it goes.

    Austin, TX

    • barefootjay permalink*
      March 12, 2009 8:28 am

      Thanks for stopping by Jim, It is nice to hear from someone relatively new to this barefoot fun. My hopes were to write about the transition and help new comers with the many new experiences and to let them know this is quite a process.

      I will think about you on your half day coming up it will be fun to share experiences. Take care my barefoot brother I wish you content feet at the finish. Jay

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