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Some time off was the key

March 16, 2009


As you might know I have been battling my right ankle for a while and I was fed up. I decided to rest it after Thursday’s adventure and I had to strap myself down to make sure I would not sneak out for a little run. I sat still for three long days and I am much better because of it. My swelling has dissipated and the pain is gone. It feels pretty strong and that is very promising. I was beginning to think that this was going to last forever.

There has been 40 inches of new snow the last 48 hours and not heading up today was really hard. I decided that I would give it one more day before I hit it full steam ahead. The skiing should be just as good Tuesday and I think I will live. P90X will have to do today for some sort of exercise.

I worked chest and back today and did the Ab Ripper X. I love these workouts they make me feel great and the produce great results. Get your tickets for the gun show!! After I finished up with the workout I went home and picked up Medea and headed off to the Lake Sammamish area to let her run in the fields. I just headed out with her barefoot and had no plans of running because I am resting….ooops I should have known better maybe just a little to test things out. It felt great to run down the trail and I even ramped it up to a sprint a couple of times. Everything felt good and I left it at that. I spent most of the time walking and the temp was just about 40 degrees. The pads were a touch numb and I spent some time walking on crushed rock and some aggregate with little trouble. The soles felt good and seem to be progressing well. Everything was wet today and the mud and the deep puddles were fun to walk through and it always helps me feel connected with nature.

The weather is looking wet and cold for the MI half and I might be doing the whole thing in Five Fingers and that is a bummer. Oh well, that is still 6 days away and I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

The comment of the day was,” I can’t believe you go around barefoot in this weather.”  I can see her point of view and I am glad I don’t share it! Have fun out there and don’t forget to have some fun. You’re supposed too!

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