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More Barefoot in Baja

April 1, 2009

cabo-4-1-09-151Beach run in Todos Santos

Up with the sun again this morning and it is just beautiful. I could really ease into this lifestyle of no work, waking up to the sound of the waves, with palm trees in the wind. This is great training weather and I will not miss a day if I have anything to say about it.

I had to put some shoes on today to run my feet are still a little sensitive after yesterdays extended workout. I’m glad I have made it past thinking I was failing if I put on a pair of shoes to run when my feet are still recovering. Running for me is about having fun and not some screwed up ritual that has to be performed. When I run like it’s a chore the joy is gone, having fun like being a kid just vanishes, and that’s what it is about. So, move over ego were putting on the shoes today and were having fun!

The diet here has been a little hit and miss, the chocolate cake that we picked up at Costco was a hit! Yeah, you get the picture see food diet, no holds barred; if it looks good eat it. There is only one problem when I fall into this pattern and it’s not the extra calories stacking up. My body has a special way of thanking me for all that good looking food coming down the chute. The guys working in my lower GI track are saying, “Oh I see, that’s the way you want to play well you’re going to pay.” I will say this right now what I consumed the day before is going to play out in my run today and if you can’t take a little poop talk then you better just surf on to YouTube or something because things are going to get a little interesting from here on out.

If you are still here there is something that you should know about me and it’s really a pain in the butt. I am not the kind of guy that wakes up and his first move is into the bathroom to take care of his business if you get my drift. I am one of the abnormal people on this planet that has to work at getting the plumbing working. If things don’t go off well in the morning then all bets are off and I can almost count on being in some sort of compromising position when nature calls. Just so you can appreciate what I am saying here I’ll give you a small example. I was climbing Mt. Rainier and when we headed for the summit that morning I knew things were going to be bad because the morning business didn’t go as planned. At 13,700 feet it was time, yep, TIME! I had my two climbing partners on the rope with me and I was leading 3 other rope teams. Harness down, pants down, 10 degrees, balls dangling in the wind with ice pellets flying by. (Use your imagination and yes ice pellets do hurt when that happens.) To fight it would have been futile because I know this is how I am. Go now or pay is the way it works and this can happen any time any place when my diet get off track. I love food and that is the curse and just to show me who is really boss the boys in the lower GI let me have it again coming down the mountain at the same spot. At least this time the ice pellets had stopped flying and we were headed down. That’s the way I work and now that you know, well, this was some foreshadowing for today’s run.

The scenery is stunning here and it makes running really fun with lots to take in. The morning business did not go well and when I left the villa I knew thing could be bad, but I just thought I would deal with it. I have the same talk every time, Oh I’ll make it, yeah right! Nothing gets stuff moving like going for a run and by mile two it was time, yes TIME! I had been gliding along and all of a sudden even the most beautiful place in the world makes no difference as all focus goes to finding the spot. You know the spot, quite possibly the most important place on the planet at that point in time and all scruples go out the window when selecting that all important spot. I spotted a construction site to my left and I stopped to survey the area for the illusive, endangered Porta Potti. With my razor sharp hunting skill I zeroed in on the plastic blue oasis with no trouble and headed that way. There was a Mexican worker standing close by and I looked at him and said, “Banyo!” His reply was a quick, “Si.” He must have seen the look on my face and realized I was not a man that was going to take no for an answer. The door slammed shut and I was faced with my next dilemma. You guessed it, no toilet paper, what the fuck!!!! So close to nirvana and yet one step away. Sometimes you have to compromise with life and this would be the case today. Shit your pants trying to make the futile journey home or improvise, I chose to improvise and McGiver would have been proud. I won’t go into detail, but use your imagination and remember the pool of resources was limited. You have a pair of running shorts, socks, two shoes and you must come out with everything you started with. Good luck and have fun, I did, let me rephrase that, I had a good laugh at the situation. Never lose you sense of humor in a shitty situation a good laugh will carry you through the rough spots!

Now that all that was over with I sprang from the Mexican shit box like Clark Kent from his phone both complete with the big “s” on my chest. I rocketed by the nice caballero that gave me my free pass to almost nirvana and yelled, “Mucho gracias amigo!” Needless to say the rest of the run was quite nice and who couldn’t have a smile on their face after that adventure was behind them. Tomorrow will be a weight day at the gym with some walking. I am heading up to Todo Santos for some exploration and the usual stop at the Hotel California it’s such a lovely place, but I won’t be checking in! Adios muchachos!

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