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Weights, Running Barefoot, and Rock Climbing in Cabo

April 3, 2009


After the day off from running yesterday, I woke up with the sunrise and headed out to the weight room before the run. They have some really cool cable machines I have never seen before and I really love the versatility they give you for working out. You can do it all at three stations and everything is so smooth and accurate I will miss them a ton they are really hard to be beat.

I was a bit tentative about heading out for a run after my last experience, so I headed to the front gate and stashed my shoes and shirt and started out. I have felt a little out of breath when starting lately and I believe it is due to the humidity and most of the run is up hill in the beginning. I was wondering how my feet would feel after the all of the miles I have put on them around Todos Santos sightseeing. I just focused on being slow on the terrain while maintaining a gentle step. I passed the workers again this morning and I still get the same look, big white gringo with no shoes, no shirt and no tan. I rounded the corner and everything is going well, the feet are warming up nicely and I can see this is going to be a nice run.

There really is no comparison between a good barefoot run and a good run with shoes. I felt free running along in the palm trees on the rocky asphalt. I could have never have run on a surface like this a month ago. I felt like I hit a milestone being able to run like I did this morning, I really did not want to turn around, but I did not want to push it too far and pay the consequences either. About face, and back the way I came the dreaded out and back. I rounded the corner back into the villa and came to the gate when everything was feeling good. My mind was questioning my choice to stop so early. After much trial and error I have concluded it’s better to stop early than pay the price of over exuberance with injury. They have flat skipping stones on their sides that are in concrete in big long strips. I was reluctant to try running on them when we arrived and walking on them was a challenge. This morning I was able to run on them with very light feet jumping the bulkhead at the end of the trail to finish off. My speed picked up with the fun I was having and I was at a full sprint by the time I made it to the room. Wow what a run! It was a great challenge as well as great fun.

Patti and I finished off the day with some light bouldering on the weathered sea granite rocks next to the Sea of Cortez. We had done some rock climbing out at Lands End by the arch the previous year and hauling all of the gear down was a little troublesome. We decided to use the Five Fingers this year for bouldering and scrambling around, a lot easier than hauling all of the gear, much lighter too. The rock climbing really works the feet and is great exercise for all of the muscle groups. The mind gets a workout too with the surf crashing into the rocks below, if you don’t watch your step, one could be bounced off the rocks and swirled around in the surf. I suppose the risk is part of all the fun and to some the activity of rock climbing may seem extreme. I’m not surprised we like it and the surroundings today are unmatched!

The feet and body are changing! When I put footwear on my body does not like it and I actually feel some discomfort. This is an interesting development that I will continue to monitor. Adios.

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  1. August 17, 2009 12:18 pm

    I’ve been thinking about using my VFF’s for rock climbing. Is there much of a transition period or do your feet adjust right away?

    • barefootjay permalink*
      August 18, 2009 12:27 pm

      Hey Mike, The Five Fingers rock climbing are O.K. depending on the difficultly of the route. I found edging to be very difficult in them as they seem to squirm around on your foot. They seem to be right at home scrambling around as long as the holds are not too small. I have only used my kso’s rock climbing and I would think my flow’s having a much tighter fit might perform a little better. Rock shoes definitely have the advantage but not near as comfortable as the FF’s. Have fun out there, J.

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