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Barefoot in Seattle

April 9, 2009


I’ve been slacking on the blog this week. I have been running and skiing all week and after working 11 hours today I felt like a run on Alki would help me relax. The weather held out and while the temp was not that warm it was quite nice for early spring.

I remember the last time I ran out here my ankle was really bothering me. I would say that I’m about 85% and I really don’t worry about the bottoms of my feet anymore. I have more confidence now and my body is more relaxed and my progression is measurable.

I started off and I usually take a little bit to get into the groove. Tonight was not the case, I was never really able to find the groove. My pace was fast, my mind was wandering, and my feet never really felt good. When I stopped to look I thought I might find blisters, but everything was looking just fine. I suppose it could have been the cold temperature combined with the fast pace that contributed to the discomfort. It was still a fun run and the lengthy sprint at the end was a great feeling. I love the floating, gliding along with hardly a sound, pure joy. If I could run that fast all the time…well not today, but it is possible with time and training. Something to shoot for in the years to come.

The words of the day: When you hit the wall and think that things may never get better. Stop, pick yourself up, make it through the day, and never give up no matter what you think. Nothing ever stays the same except the man who quits.

Have fun!

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