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Still Running Barefoot and Free

April 26, 2009


There are times when life really gets busy and one of the first things to go is the time I spend writing my blog. I have gone from lots of time on my hands to very little. I started learning a new trade recently and it has been a great challenge. This has pushed my workouts to very early mornings and squeezing in my runs in the evenings.

My feet and form are continuing to improve and the surfaces that I run on that used to give me some discomfort have become trivial. My right ankle has been doing pretty well, but the ligament is still tight and can be a bit sore after my runs. I have been keeping the mileage down to prevent overtraining the ankle. I am rethinking this whole summer as a strengthening time putting the marathon goal off for a little while. I am enjoying running and when I need a pick up a run always does the trick.

I was running to a meeting on Thursday and when I passed the local tavern where there were a few people outside having a refreshing cigarette. I could hear the comments and the one that stood out was the guy that said, and they say I’m crazy! I guess society views a barefoot runner as crazy and smoking a cigarette and boozing it up as sane behavior. I admit it I am crazy, crazy for the fun stuff in life and feeling good.

After a long work week with P90X workouts and running I finished off with a backcountry ski tour with my wife Patti and her friend Erika. The weather was good and the snow was nice as well. I felt like I could run up the hill and despite the nasty cold I am battling I feel like I am in really good condition. Sunday will be just a sit around and rest day since I have been going non-stop for a couple of weeks. I imagine that my posts will be limited in the weeks to come and I will miss writing them. Life is sweet, a gift that I unwrap everyday continually surprised with what’s inside. Live large, fast and free!

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  1. Jim permalink
    May 16, 2009 7:27 am

    Hi Jay,
    Did you happen to be at the Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market last weekend (May 10)? I was there (barefoot) and saw someone there with the Five Fingers on. I’ve never used them but am very curious. I wanted to ask that person, but shyness is one of MY major life obstacles. I’m just a hack weekend neighborhood runner (these days around Cap Hill) but it’s been shoe-free for a few years now.

    Thanks for the blog! Jim

  2. Jim permalink
    July 2, 2009 8:57 am

    Hey, Jay!

    You haven’t updated your blog in a while – hope all is well. I sent you a comment early last spring before your half marathon (and mine in Pasadena). I kept at it and finished my first barefoot marathon in San Diego at the end of May. There were seven barefoot runners, and I was the lone rookie. Took it at an easy pace, and am working on running faster this summer.

    Keep posting, and hope your running is going well.

    • August 15, 2009 1:12 pm

      Thanks Jim, all is well and I will be starting to post again. Way to go on the marathon! I hope to do one some day.

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