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Has It Really Been a Year????

February 6, 2011

At first I focus on the title as a question of time, then a question of accomplishments. The time has flown by and my fitness level has had a steady decline the whole year. My career has blossomed and being a parent has been great. A look in the mirror has me seeing changes I don’t like and getting back into my active lifestyle has been a struggle. Never give up the physical activity for a career no amount of money is worth the sacrifice and getting back to where I left off seems like a long road. My feet would not take a two mile run outside right now so I am training in some flats. the weather is wet and cold here so I have learned that short little runs barefoot will be the key. How far could a guy slip? Well, I am now just getting comfortable with the 5k distance with shoes right now. I have been circuit training in the gym and starting to get back into the swing of it. I am going to be using the Five Fingers for a while and I am happy with that. I like to take things to the extreme and overdue it so,  I will be working to go slow and be patient with the progress. I used to see this as a failure when I did or did not do things a certain way as others would do. This time through I will do what feels good and puts a smile on my face. Tending to blisters or nagging injuries make me crazy and that is what my old training habits led to. Life is a practice and I have learned valuable things in my time off this time will be different (I hope!).

I had a fellow barefooter stop by Toyota of Bellevue out of the blue after reading my blog and it was perfect timing to get me off my butt and update. Thanks George for the visit and the reminder that being barefoot is just good no matter what. Walking, lounging, running, getting asked to leave certain places, life is just good barefoot. Take care.

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