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Back Into Full Swing

February 16, 2011

Coming off this layoff has been tough. Why one would ever walk away from being in peak condition is a mystery. It starts with missing a day here and there and before you know it your out of shape and blah!

I ran in the Tom Roger’s Invitational this last weekend and it was cold and pouring down rain. I Ran in flats on crushed gravel and I felt O.K. I feel slow and bit pissed off that I am not what I used to be. I have been training mostly in the Five Fingers KSO’s and I am focused on form rather than speed. In hind sight I think changing your running style might be best achieved when one is out of shape and starting over again. I have not had to fight feeling like I am slowing down by changing my gait. I am slow right now so no biggie, I can focus on proper form and maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

So that is the tip for you go get fat and out of shape, eat tons of pastries and pizza. When you can’t make a lap around the block without being out of breath then make the switch from shoes. You will be slow and this is exactly what a guy like me needed. The problem that cannon balled me in the past was over exuberance and let me tell you you don’t have to worry about it when your out of shape. We runners are funny people because we struggle with ego. Yeah, thats right EGO…we seem to want people to know how many miles, how fast, and what a PR’s are. Don’t believe me? Try this little test, run for a year and never mention to a soul how far, how fast, or what event is next. Run for fun not for fame.

I am loving the Five Fingers right now and I am not too sure how long or how far I am running right now. I run until I am not having fun anymore then I stop. I have been enjoying sprints mingled in with my runs and it is fun to fly along. I will stay focused on form and fun and we will see where that leads. I’ve been down the other road before and  it will be quite interesting to see where this leads. Take care, Jay.

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