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Giving back today

March 7, 2009


Group members on Mt St. Helens summit ready to ski down.

No barefoot running today and the skis are in the garage. I headed out early to help teach navigation and ascending and rappelling to a group of students. I help with this mountaineering group that taught me how to climb mountains. I have found a great usefulness in teaching what I love.

The weather was 32 degrees and wet and windy. I put on my five finger flows and headed out. These things are not much for insulation or water repellent treatment. My toes were cold all day. The weather forecast is cold and wet for a few more days so I will be taking a couple of days off from running. I really don’t want to with the Mercer Island half marathon coming in two weeks. I will give it my best when it comes and leave it at that.

Plenty of comments on the footwear today and lots of questions about going barefoot. Most folks think it is extreme and they want to know if I am going to climb Mt. Rainier barefoot. I would have to say no at this point just because most of the journey would be in temperatures bellow freezing. I will try to go up as far as I can then I will have to boot up.

The comment for the day is have fun. That’s all, have fun and give back to your fellows there is no better gift for your soul.

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